Corporate Profile

Ethereal Global Solutions Limited is a decision-focused management consultancy that enables clients in Financial Services, Energy, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Government and related industries to solve their most complex problems.

Ethereal provides clients advice and assistance with their most complex strategic decisions. The company maintains a strong position in its target industries through best practices in strategy creation, portfolio management, and investment decisions.

The Team

Ethereal boasts of experienced professionals with a vast of experience in all sectors in which it does business. The value add is that the team practices the elimination of a single point of failure where there is a project involved hence why an employee of Ethereal can represent the whole of Ethereal.

Each team member undertakes a minimum amount of training to polish and enhance skill sets needed for the job. Professionalism is another key trait within the team. We wear the client hat at all times and produce continuously improved results that help out clients achieve greater returns on investment

Philosophy, Mission & Approach

Our Philosophy

Providing rigorous and convincing solutions for your organizational needs

Our Mission

Enable our clients to confidently make clear and actionable decisions and to stand by them through implementation and realization.

Our Approach

End-to-End Solutions - our end-to-end business model means that you will have all out expertise at your disposal right from concept to design through to integration and support. Our model delivers the most efficiently integrated and cost effective solutions possible.

Client Driven – the most important thing we do is to listen. We listen to our client's needs then simply design and deliver the right solutions. Our values and business ethos are based on integrity and transparency. Our hard won credibility has been built on this foundation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We partner with the Odilichukwu Enemmuo Foundation to

  • Help the poor develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives.
  • Strengthen their awareness of their own potential power to control their lives.
  • Organize seminars, workshops and engage in publication to educate the youth to imbibe good moral values for societal growth.
  • Encourage skill acquisition, self employment and economic independence among youths/less privileged via electronic education.
  • Encourage and engage youth and school children in activities that promote a re-orientation and development of positive values with emphasis on hard work and excellence for nation building.